One of HubSpot’s biggest advantages is a user-friendly interface, but there’s still a lot to learn to use it effectively. Whether you’re a new HubSpot user learning the basics or an experienced user looking to stay on top of what’s new, a HubSpot training curriculum crafted to meet your needs will get you up and running faster and with more specific operational knowledge than hours of onboarding vidoes.

Customized training is available for individuals, marketing teams, sales teams or combined teams. After your training session, we’ll provide training documentation and ad hoc support to help your team learn the platform on their own terms.

Below are a few of the most common items
we cover in HubSpot training:

HubSpot Health Check

Have you inherited a HubSpot account and want to know whether it’s ready to meet your goals? Are you starting your HubSpot journey and want to make sure your setup aligns with best practices?

The HubSpot Health Check is an 8-hour engagement that involves meeting your team, assessing your account, preparing a list of action items, and discussing those findings with you. You get a personalized roadmap for improving your HubSpot account, delivered within a week.