HubSpot Health Check

Your HubSpot Questions. Answered.

Every HubSpot admin has questions about their account, but answering them requires time, expertise, and perspective. If you’re missing any of those, getting answers can be an uphill battle. That’s where the HubSpot Health Check comes in.

The HubSpot Health Check is an 12-hour engagement that involves meeting your team, assessing your account, preparing a list of action items, and discussing those findings with you. You get a personalized roadmap for improving your HubSpot account, delivered within a week.

12-Hour Assessment

Done in a Week

$1,200 Per Check

We’re also a HubSpot Solutions Provider with more than 5-years of hands-on experience working with the Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs. So, if you know what you need – or are simply interested in getting started with HubSpot – we’re more than happy to help you out.

Health Check FAQs 

What does the HubSpot Health Check entail?

Which areas of my HubSpot account do you look at?

In an average HubSpot Health Check we cover all of the major Hubs. (Sales, Service and Marketing.) We look at the setup of your Contact and Company records, including layouts and fields. We look at your automations, including Sequences and Workflows. We look at your lead capture mechanisms, including Forms and CTAs. We even dive into your Lists and Marketing Emails.

The specifics of each Health Check are a little different. If you’re using a lot of HubSpot tools, we’ll focus on the most common areas of concern. If not, we’ll take a deeper dive into the tools you are using. 

Can you look into specific problems or areas of my account?

Yes. If there’s a specific problem you have in mind, we will absolutely spend some extra time looking into it during the Health Check. However, if you have a specific question it might be worth asking us about it, since we might be able to answer it for less than the cost of the full Health Check.

Do I need to work with you to make changes?

No. The HubSpot Health Check provides a list of issues and proposed action items, but those tasks can be tackled by your team, by a different partner, or by Hubcap Solutions. Most clients do choose to have Hubcap Solutions work on the items we’ve identified, but we’re happy to see you success no matter which path you take to get there.